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Kogan Australia Reviews 2024

An Australia-based online shopping destination that offers affordable products and services through different lines, Kogan is a brand renowned for digital efficiency. The company focuses on making in-demand products and services more accessible and affordable.

Kogan Marketplace and Retail offer products from some of the most reputed brands across a number of categories including appliances, electronics, toys, hardware, and more. A lot of users want to know whether Kogan is a scam or legit. In this review, we talk about the discounts, returns, and other aspects of the company to help readers find out if they can really trust this brand.

Kogan Review – UPDATED 2024

It is a retail brand that started in 2006 to deliver better value products and services to Australian buyers. It follows a revolutionary online-only business model to pass savings to customers. It has recently gained a lot of reputation and popularity for offering amazing deals and discounts on the most demandable products, smartphones and services. They operate a number of private label brands.

Kogan Mobile is an affordable MVNO service that offers simple, hassle-free prepaid plans. A large number of Australian mobile users have switched to their 90-day expiry prepaid plan that got popular. It offers unbeatable mobile prepaid prices with unlimited calling and messaging facilities along with a large amount of data. Kogan Travel is dedicated to offering amazing travel deals to popular destinations. Kogan Insurance offers affordable, simplified home, car, life, pet, and travel insurance plans. Kogan Internet provides value-based internet plans while Kogan Money is engaged in offering competitive rates on home loans to suit various conditions.

The marketplace launched by them is aimed at boosting sales to compete with other online marketplaces. It enables third-party sellers to list their products just like they would do on Amazon or eBay. This way, it increases the options available to consumers without having to hold a physical inventory. A number of big brands like FisherPrice, Lego, Microsoft, Gucci, Phillips, and others have already signed up and helped offer a wide range of products to consumers.

Ever since its beginning, It has seen growth in its active customers, sales and traffic and is on the verge of becoming one of the biggest retail marketplaces on the internet.

Kogan Discounts – What You Should Know?

It has succeeded to grow to an online retail giant in about a decade due to its discounted prices. It offers discounts and deals on most of its products and services to provide cheaper options to consumers looking for savings. However, not all of its discounts have been genuine as there are cases of false advertisements from this brand. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission had made legal proceedings against Kogan in the Federal Court for advertising misleading discounts and deals last year.

In June 2018, they ran a promotion where buyers could obtain a discount of 10% on most of the products available on the marketplace. The ACCC reported that the advertisement was misleading as the company had increased the prices of over 600 products on the site almost before the promotion. It had misled consumers by creating a false impression of an effective discount. The company had reduced the prices of the products shortly after the end of the promotion.

This does not mean that the company does not offer effective deals. However, consumers can always check and compare prices online to see that they really benefit from the promotions.

Is Kogan A Scam?

A lot of users ask this question on online forums and discussions. It is a marketplace that seeks to beat Amazon and eBay by offering cheaper prices on in-demand products like electronics and appliances.

Consumers are tempted to buy from them as they offer discounted prices. However, most of them want to verify if it is a scam or legit and whether they can trust it. There are online reviews reporting complaints about the products and services offered by the company. A large number of buyers have been dissatisfied or disappointed. However, they offer legit and genuine products at cheaper prices.

It is an online retail marketplace that strives to get you the products at more competitive rates than offline stores and other online sellers. Like any other website, they have cases of dissatisfactory customer service and faulty products. But that does not mean it is a scam. A large number of users across the world use this retail website to get their favorite phones, electronic items, appliances and find great deals.

Kogan Returns – How Does The Refund Process Work?

In case you experience some issue with the product you purchase from Kogan, you can contact the support team to lodge your complaint. It is important that you submit photographic evidence of the fault or damage with the product. If the team determines that your product is really faulty and needs to be returned, it provides instructions for returning the product for assessment.

It arranges for free return shipping. Once received, the technician or manufacturer assesses the product and it can take 10 business days. If the product cannot be replaced or repaired, you may be entitled to a refund.

They also offer a 14-day change of mind guarantee on all its exclusive brands. If you change your mind or are not satisfied with the purchase, you can contact the support within 14 days of delivery and return the product. You receive a store credit that equals the price of the product that you can use to buy anything else. And if you’re in the market to buy a used smartphone then check out our other guide so that you make an informed decision.

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