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FabFitFun Reviews 2024

Aimed to surprise and motivate you, the FabFitFun box has everything you need to become your most fabulous self. Every season you’ll receive amazing full-sized beauty, wellness, and fitness products you’re bound to love!

Interested yet? Read our FabFitFun reviews and see what we got in our seasonal boxes. Plus, you will learn everything about how it works and saving opportunities.

My favorite subscription boxes provide a variety of products, so I was intrigued by the FabFitFun box when I first heard about it. While many subscription services offer monthly shipments, these boxes ship out every season. They provide all kinds of beauty, wellness, and fitness products, as well as clothing, accessories, and much more. I’ll post my FabFitFun reviews with each seasonal box I receive. I’ll be sharing all the products that come in my box and whether I liked them or not. I will also outline if it’s worth it, let you know about any deals I came across, and so on. On the other hand, this initial review will detail my ordering experience as well as other valuable information about the subscription.

Website Experience

To start this FabFitFun review off, their website is adorable and very easy to navigate. Members can access the “TV” page with hundreds of workouts, cooking, and other fun videos that can help you enhance your health. You can also get the app to watch these on the go. They have a “magazine” page as well, which is basically their blog that has posts on all different topics.

In addition, there’s a “gifts” tab that shows their gifting options, which include six different e-gift card possibilities. Your account page will display information about your box, such as shipping details. Finally, they also have pages with exclusive offers and giveaways, which I’ll talk more about a few paragraphs below.

FabFitFun Review –

FabFitFun offers a couple of box options. Their main box is the seasonal box, and it comes with full-sized products worth over $200. Boxes are shipped in March, June, September, and December. That said, you can only choose a seasonal or annual subscription since they don’t offer monthly boxes. Unless you are a select member, you cannot customize the items you will receive in each box, but they include beauty, wellness, fashion, and/or fitness products.

Annual subscribers have a few more benefits than seasonal ones. Luckily, both seasonal and annual subscribers are able to customize their boxes. This is usually selecting between a few items they have available. However, annual subscribers receive access to more customization features. If you’re not an annual member, these will just be randomly selected.

Select members (annual members) also receive early shipping, which is 7-10 days before regular members. As for pricing, it’s pretty straightforward. The annual subscription costs $179.99 up front, so you end up saving $20. If you don’t want to pre-pay for an entire year, seasonal subscriptions cost $49.99 each season. Shipping is free for the USA. However, FabFitFun Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico delivery costs $8 per shipment.

Note that subscriptions automatically renew every season unless you cancel them. 

Ordering Process

To order, you just need to click the “get your box” link and choose whether you want to sign up for a seasonal or an annual subscription. Also, they will ask you to fill out your payment details and shipping information. After you order your box, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about the kinds of products you would like to receive.

At first, I thought – like many would – that this quiz was to personalize your box. However, I found out that they actually don’t customize boxes for you, they only allow you to customize your box by picking between a few products as I mentioned earlier. They’re apparently just using those quiz questions for the future when they come out with that feature. 

In my opinion, the questionnaire was a little misleading. There’s no point in asking those questions unless they’re going to use the answers to customize your box. 

Payment & Saving Options

You can pay for your box with any major credit or debit card as well as PayPal. When it comes to savings, you can easily find a FabFitFun coupon on their website. There is also a giveaways and deals page which offers a ton of deals for various brands they work with. For example, one coupon I found was for 10% off at Tarte!

As far as giveaways are concerned, I came across the option to win an awesome $500 prize pack or a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. They also provide a bunch of giveaways from some of their partner companies. Each of these has different entry requirements, but the majority ask for a picture to be posted on social media along with corresponding tags.

Even though I’m not sure when the coupon and giveaway offers expire, I will provide information on any new saving opportunities in my upcoming FabFitFun reviews. So, make sure to have a look at those if you’re looking for a way to save a pretty penny.

If you want coupons for the regular FabFitFun subscription, they provide these on a separate page on their website. At the moment, you can get 10% off your box if you sign up for their email list, which should pop up right as you enter their website. I also found a deal for $10 off your order, which is a little better deal than the one that grants 10% off. The promo code you need to provide to be granted this discount is ‘TV’.

FabFitFun Starter Box

If this is your first time purchasing and you’re not sure if you want to spend the full $50, you can purchase a starter box! This box costs $19.99 and is essentially a trial box. Even though it’s smaller than regular boxes, it still comes with 3-4 full-size items from past boxes or add-on items. To sign up, you’ll simply proceed to check out for the seasonal membership and enter the code START. Sometimes they change these codes though, so if it doesn’t work there will be another one out there. You can find it with a quick Google search or by checking random FabFitFun reviews.

Another benefit of the starter box is that it ships within 10 days of ordering so you won’t have to wait as much as you would for seasonal boxes. If you sign up for the starter box and don’t think FabFitFun is for you, you can simply cancel within 21 days and they won’t charge you for the recurring seasonal membership. I’ll share the products I received in my starter box a bit below.

Before I get into the review, I should mention that there’s also a FabFitFun welcome box that might confuse you. This box is entirely different than the starter box. It includes their most-loved items from past seasons and is offered at times to people who subscribe between seasons.

Inside My Starter Box

My starter box was shipped around a week after, and I received it a couple days after that. The first thing I noticed is that the shipping box design is so cute!

While what really counts is the products inside, this is my favorite looking box out of all the subscription boxes I’ve received! It not only looks nice, but the box is also sturdy and protects all the products inside. 

As mentioned earlier in my FabFitFun review, these boxes come with 3-4 full-size items. Although I knew this beforehand, I was still surprised by this generosity when I unboxed it.

FabFitFun - Starter Box Products

In total, I got four full-size items. They also included a card that gave more detail on each item and a little FabFitFun magazine type booklet.

Summer & Rose Black Crossbody Bag

I was most excited that they included this adorable crossbody purse! Although I’ve checked many FabFitFun reviews, I haven’t encountered this product. I’ve been in desperate need of some new bags. It’s slightly square shaped with a laser-cut design on each side. I got it in black, which is thankfully the color I’d prefer, but there’s also a tan one available.

 FabFitFun Reviews - Summer & Rose Bag

Plus, the size of this is perfect for me since I don’t carry a ton of stuff when I go out. It’s a fairly spendy bag if you pay the full price. Overall, I loved it and can’t wait to use it as my new everyday bag.

Retail value: $62

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream

I’ve tried a few different types of products from this brand that I’ve enjoyed, and this one is no exception. It smells pleasant and makes my hands very soft! I’ve found it works great as a body lotion as well. Plus, hand creams like this normally come in tiny bottles, but this one is a huge size so it’ll last me forever. Well done, Fab Fit Fun starter box!

Retail value: $33

Doucce Luscious Lip Stain in “Dark Lust”

I’ve heard great things about this brand of lip stain and wanted to try it, but the full price seemed a bit spendy to me. You can imagine how pleased I was to see it in my box! The color is beautiful, and it’s the exact shade that I would have picked out for myself. Another thing I loved about it is that it comes with an extra gloss to go over it once it’s dry. Thanks to the FabFitFun welcome box, you can always choose between glossy or matte lips without having to buy a separate product.

As for the product itself, it looks nice on my lips and is very pigmented. It takes a bit to dry but once it does, it’s pretty long-lasting! It tends to rub off a little when eating or drinking, but this is typical for products like this. Lip stains and liquid lipsticks like this often dry out my lips, so it’s important to make sure your lips are moisturized beforehand. It still made my lips look very dry when I left it matte, so I put the gloss over it and it looked great.

Fabfitfun Reviews - Doucce Luscious Lip Stain Review

Retail value: $28

Marrakesh Argan and Hemp Oil Therapy

Most hair products don’t do much for my frizzy, damaged hair. This one, however, works pretty well. It’s made out of argan and hemp oil. The scent is the highlight of most FabFitFun reviews since it’s rather nice without being overly fragrant. You’re supposed to use it before styling your hair, so I put some in right before straightening it. This made my hair look very glossy! I definitely noticed a difference from when I normally style my hair. However, it’s important not to put too much or your hair will look oily, especially if you have fine hair (I found this out the hard way on my first try).

Retail Value: $22.99

Review Summary

Even though I wasn’t able to customize anything in my box, I was still thrilled with everything I receive. I can’t wait to see what my full-size summer box comes with! The total retail value of this box came to a fantastic $145.99, and I got everything for just $19.99 without a FabFitFun coupon! This is by far the best value of any subscription box I’ve received. The only thing I noticed is that there were no fitness-related products in my starter box, which is something they advertise pretty heavily in their brand (it’s even in their name). However, maybe they’ll include some in the next box, and I’ll make sure to keep you posted about this in my next review.FABFITFUN REVIEW SUMMARYOther than the confusion I had with customization, I was pretty satisfied with how my purchase of FabFitFun went. I loved that the majority of products are full-size rather than a bunch of tiny samples like some subscription boxes include. This would make a fantastic gift for any fashionista, beauty or fitness lover you know! If not, find a more suitable company from our beauty subscription boxes list!

After getting my starter box, I’m looking forward to seeing what the summer box comes with. So, stay tuned for more upcoming FabFitFun reviews that will be up as soon as my next box arrives. I’ll let you know all about the products I receive, the value of my box, and more.Pros

  • Large, seasonal boxes
  • $200+ value of full-size products
  • Option to order a starter (trial) box
  • Variety of product types
  • Customization features for every member


  • Extra customization is only available for annual members (within a certain time frame)
  • No option for monthly deliveries
  • A lot of waiting time in-between seasonal boxes

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