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Privacy Policy

1. How We Handle Your Personal Information

The following makes up the privacy policy at mybest. We make it our priority to ensure that all employees recognize the importance of security and have implemented the following measures to protect your information. In order to ensure your information is accurate and up-to-date and to protect against the unauthorized access, loss, leaking, or falsification of your information, mybest has implemented a security and management system, conducted employee training, and otherwise taken measures to make sure your information is securely guarded and maintained.

a) How We Use Your Information

In order to provide services, mybest collects data from our users. We use the information solely for the following purposes.

  • For user authentication during the login process
  • To ensure the smooth use of our services
  • To compile statistics about our users so we can further improve our services (We, however, collect the information in a way that ensures your personal identity is protected.)
  • To respond to user enquiries
  • To disseminate information about our services, or advertisements from a third party
  • To come up with new projects related to our current services
  • To provide information about products offered by mybest or any group companies
  • For raffles conducted as part of any campaign; likewise, for the delivery of any prizes
  • For user authentication when we respond to any kind of enquiries
  • To contact our users with any important notifications, or as the need arises

b) When We Share Your Information with a Third Party

mybest will only share your information with a third party when any of the following conditions are met.

  • We have the user’s permission.
  • We are displaying or disseminating the information as overall statistics, where the personal identity of individual users cannot be determined.
  • We are abiding by the law.
  • It is necessary to securing physical or financial safety, but the user cannot be reached.
  • It is necessary to the maintenance of public health or the safe upbringing of minors, and the user cannot be reached.
  • A government agent or public servant or their representative requests the information to carry out legal affairs, and noncompliance, with or without the permission of the user, may count as obstruction.

c) Outsourcing

mybest may outsource the handling of all or a part of its user information after ascertaining that the proper security measures have been put in place.

d) Disclosure, Revisions, Deletions, or Suspension of Use

When the user requests the reason behind the disclosure, revision, addition, or deletion of any of his or her personal information, or requests that his or her personal information be no longer used, we will respond to the request following a separate set of security guidelines.

e) Other

If the user chooses to withhold any of his or her personal information, it may impact our ability to deliver our services quickly and efficiently, so we ask for your understanding.

2. Regarding Cookies and Web Beacons

In order to better provide our services to the user, we use cookies and web beacons. The user can go into browser settings and block or otherwise limit cookies, but that may limit access to some of our services. The user may not be able to restrict the use of web beacons. mybest does not use these technologies to acquire the personal information of our users.

a) Regarding Cookies

A cookie allows a website to store a user’s browsing information on the user’s computer. This is to determine how a user utilizes a certain site and allow the site to display content most fitting to the user. In order to display advertisements relevant to the user, this site uses a third-party ad service. All parties involved use cookies to display relevant advertisements—in other words, to conduct traffic analysis for the purpose of advertising—and do not collect personal data for any other reason. If you wish to disable cookies, please click on the link below to learn about the cookies we use and find instructions on how to disable them.


b) About Web Beacons

Web beacons utilize transparent images or scripts to monitor user activity. They are used to identify users or collect statistical data regarding the use of websites.

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